Brayola - Fashion Week Activation

Project Type: Activation
Location: Union Square Plaza, New York, NY
Year: 2016

NYC Fashion Week Activation – Preview advanced the conceptual activation to gain traction for their brand and message. We did so by creating #findyoursize, Preview’s customized social media campaign centered around NYC Fashion week and garnered a substantial amount of new followers for Brayola. Branded cash machines located in Union Square attracted the curiosity of women to find their true bra size and potentially win a free bra and other merchandise. Each of the two cash machines had Brayola cash swirling around, labeled with varying bra sizes. If a woman caught her bra size, she won a free bra, bra bag, and Brayola coupon for a discount on her next purchase. Our brand ambassadors assisted in getting over 200 participants to take part in this great outdoor experience.



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