The Feast

Project Type: Conference & Exhibit
Location: Eyebeam art+technology center & Essex Space, New York, NY

The Feast Conference unleashes collective creativity on addressing some of society’s most pressing challenges. Through hands-on workshopping and presentations from the forefront of innovation, participants engage each other in creating partnerships that lead to lasting change.

The Feast conference was at the Eyebeam art+technology center, a raw space that we converted into a 300-seat venue. For the pavilion art space, we took over a warehouse on the Lower East Side. Both spaces took on a life solely created by the event and the power of the people involved and attending.

The Feast Pavilion was created to showcase projects that answered callouts to international issues such as poverty, hunger, and energy. The venue was a raw warehouse on the Lower East Side that we converted into an awe-inspiring gallery and closing night party.


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