Design & Fabrication
Graphic &
Collateral Design
A/V &
Lighting Mangement
Social Media
Scenic Design & Fabrication

We create custom designs for your live activation, pop up, or televised event.

  • - Beautiful design concepts
  • - Metal/wood fabrication and staging shop
  • - Design and rendering
  • - Activation management and staffing
  • - On-site build support
  • - AV, lighting, electrical and IT staff
  • - Production management
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Our team of architects and production managers design, build and manage all elements of fabrication and scenic displays. Our scenic studio in Brooklyn has a wood/ metal shop and an oversized staging area. Our capabilities include: renderings, carpentry, furniture design, wielding and metal work, lighting, signage and branding.
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Graphic & Collateral Design

Set designs, programs, directional signage.

  • - Programs, badges, gift bags and signage design
  • - Set design
  • - Logistical venue layouts and ground plans for all areas
  • - Event branding and logo design
  • - Website design and development
  • - Event app design and implementation
  • - Keynote and powerpoint presentations
  • - Video animation design
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Our experienced team of graphic designers and art directors can create original and modern design solutions for your event both onsite and online.
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AV & Lighting Design

All the elements you need to make a production happen.

  • - Equipment rental to fit your budget
  • - Full design of audio and video for your venue and event
  • - Custom layouts and ground plans
  • - Technical direction
  • - Full crew for set-up and break down
  • - Lighting design and direction
  • - Show crew including audio operator, graphics operator, light board op.
  • - Graphic advance and cueing of video.
  • - Coordination of all aspects with the venue.
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We offer a highly experienced team of audio, video and lighting technicians that can design complete AV systems in both raw spaces and full theaters. Our technicians are chosen for their extreme skill, talent, experience and professionalism.
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Production Management

Complete production support including stage management, budget management and making your life spectacular.

  • - Venue scouting
  • - Budget Management
  • - Vendor contacts and scheduling
  • - Stage Management
  • - Catering / venue advance and management
  • - On site production and event support
  • - Hiring event staff and vendors as needed
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Our production managers are trained to manage all aspects of your event. We keep your event running on schedule, making sure all presentations and experiences are completely flawless.
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Event Staffing

Guest services, technical staff, and friendly professionals.

  • - House Managers
  • - Event Coordinators
  • - Brand Ambassadors
  • - Installation assistants
  • - Door and conference greeters
  • - Registration staff
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We have a highly skilled staff of brand ambassadors, event greeters and registration support. A team of friendly faces will greet your guests as they arrive and are ready to offer support throughout your event.
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Registration Management

Complete registration packages including staff, ticketing, badge printing and talent wrangling.

  • - Badge management and printing
  • - Ticket services and management
  • - Full registration staff onsite day-of
  • - VIP list auditing
  • - Strategic registration layout and planning
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Registration is the first aspect of your event and Preview ensures a quick and easy registration process. Our trained team generates the most coherent registration plan for your venue and your attendees.
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Social Media Strategy

Social media plays a crucial in expanding brand awareness. Our social media experts can help build and maintain your social media platforms. By creating strategic campaigns, we can assist in strengthening user relationships through various social media platforms.

  • - Create an innovative social media campaign, leading up to brand announcement or event
  • - Expand visibility and streamline brand look throughout all social media platforms
  • - Increase account following and generate user interaction
  • - Build and strengthen relationship between brand and user interaction
  • - Monitor account activity solely on-site during an event or activation
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