Turnkey Strategy

The Components you need for YOUR LIVE EXPERIENCE.



With a background in production design, our team believes that design impacts all decisions. Design provides the answers on flow, accessibility, location information and awe.

  • Detailed focus on layout and UX plan

  • Targeted design concepts

  • Color scheme and associated materials/texture

  • Preview is a co-owner of Founders Lab, a design build shop

  • We have the ability to create and build custom pieces based on original design



We partner with our clients in creating a cohesive vision for a memorable and awesome live experience for their audience. We have 20+ years in production and know how to tailor the design, agenda, venue and even food to build unforgettable moments.

  • Venue sourcing

  • Partner in project budgeting

  • Vendor management and correct quotes

  • Production & Stage management

  • Venue and catering advance and management

  • Full production and event support on-site throughout

    the event from load-in show and out



Technical knowledge coupled with efficient and effective use of lighting, sound and video upgrades the production significantly. Our technical designers have extreme skill and talent, and are aware of the impact these elements provide.

  • Full design of audio and video systems

  • Custom layouts and ground plans

  • Technical direction

  • Full crew for set-up and break down

  • Lighting design and direction

  • Graphic advance and cueing of video

  • Coordination of all aspects with the venue

  • Speaker technical management



Building a cohesive brand identity is imperative. We focus on creating a thoughtful strategy towards creative implementation.

  • Event branding and logo design

  • Website design and development

  • Event app design and implementation

  • Keynote and Powerpoint presentations

  • Video animation design



We provide support as needed throughout the project, staffing just the right individual for the position — whether it be front facing or back of house.

  • House managers

  • Event coordinators

  • Brand ambassadors

  • Installation assistants

  • Technical staff

  • Door and conference greeters

  • Registration staff



The communication received upon entry sets the tone for the experience. We keep that in mind as we train our team to provide the most efficient, friendly and empathic responses to all inquiries.

  • Credential Management

  • Registration & door scripts

  • VIP & Press leads — speaker contacts

  • Strategic layout & registration planning