We foster collaboration, innovation, and immersion. Providing an open dialogue, new perspective, and a creative ideology. The live experience links us to our community, the future, and the current landscape of our world. This live creation, whether it be a conversation, an activation or a photo op, continues to keep us interacting and engaged; we produce engagement.

Our Team
Nickey FrankelFounder & Executive Producer
Nickey Frankel has over 15 years of live event experience. She was the founding production manager of the Times Center at the New York Times; in that time, she managed and produced up to 300 events each year. Past experience includes 10 years of working in production with various theatrical organizations and festivals in London and New York. Preview Events was created and conceived during a live event.
Josh TagCulinary Director & Experiential Producer
Josh Tag’s attention to detail and keen insight for organizing has naturally advanced him to Preview Events. He has over 10 years of live event experience and freelancing for major brands, and always strikes the right balance between professional and friendly.
Melina DavisDirector of Administration & Project Manager
Melina Gioconda Davis comes from a theater background and has been producing international cultural events and original works for over 10 years. Her experience includes immersive design, interactive theater, international art fairs, multimedia festivals, venue management, film production, and campaign strategy.
SunbunkerLead Design Partner
S U N B U N K E R is a progressive, research-driven architecture and design studio offering a broad spectrum of capabilities, utilizing innovative techniques to cultivate client strategies that are tactile, visceral, pragmatic and engaging. The name "Sunbunker" is a composite of words evoking negotiations between states such as our environment and our cohabitation within it. Sunbunker and Preview are co-founders of the Founders Lab.