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Being part of the living world, it’s important to encourage positive work environments. It doesn’t matter what you do; working on how to communicate with others and listening makes all the difference. We’re very experienced with production and love it because we see that it’s all about communication towards a future goal. Treating others as you would have them treat you is the best ethic in all scenarios. In an environment that features deadlines and stress, this ethic is the most powerful tool we have to understand the experiences and ideas of others.

We were told on a project that our work as event producers is the third most stressful job after fireman! Producing a live experience should not in any way equate to a burning building. We understand what is at stake and we take it seriously and professionally; we’re theater kids after all. The show is the thing. But part of a good working experience is to find solutions all the time: problem solving, collaborating and figuring out the answer together.

We are UX Experts, Architects, Technicians & Geniuses.  

We are Producers.


Our Space


Founders Lab is a collaborative space & partnership between Preview Events and Sunbunker design studio.


At Founders Lab we implement design and production solutions. Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the lab is 4,500 sq. ft, houses a full-service & wood/metal shop, gallery loft and 20’ tall staging room. 

972 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11211



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